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a urinary bladder disorder caused by a lesion in the nervous system

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O'Toole, "British Association of Paediatric Urologists consensus statement on the management of the neuropathic bladder," Journal of Pediatric Urology, vol.
"When the study team surveyed people with neuropathic bladder due to spinal-cord injury and spina bifida, we found that UTI is a problem for more than 80 percent of people," Groah says.
Relationship of asymptomatic bacteriuria and renal scarring in children with neuropathic bladders who are practicing clean intermittent catheterization.
Bladder dysfunction is always present in SBM, resulting in a clinical picture referred to as the neurogenic or neuropathic bladder. This results in urinary incontinence as well as progressive renal damage due to recurrent urinary tract infections and dynamic factors such as high bladder storage pressures and secondary vesico-ureteric reflux.
Lynsey has to endure dialysis three times a week, after the condition neuropathic bladder left her kidneys badly damaged, despite successful bladder surgery in 2007.
Exclusion criteria included the following: urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, polyuria, bladder tumor and underlying neurologic abnormalities (e.g., neuropathic bladder).
Neurogenic bladder (or neuropathic bladder) - dysfunction of the urinary bladder caused by interference in the central nervous system or peripheral nerves controlling micturition, or a disease or disorder affecting the nervous system.
Factors that affect movement toward independence in individuals with spine bifida are impairments of mobility and upper extremity function, learning disorders, neuropathic bladder and bowel dysfunctions, prolonged or recurrent illnesses, poverty, social isolation, and societal views of disability--all factors that contribute to difficulties in transition both socially and economically (SBAA, n.d.).
Doctors at the RVI found out in February last year that Kyra has a neuropathic bladder, which means it is smaller than usual and doesn't function as well.
Conditions precipitating UR can include a history of urinary problems, such as enlargement of the prostate, urethral strictures, cystocele, and neuropathic bladder (Ouslander et al., 1994).
The child with a neuropathic bladder requires lifelong dedicated care.
Intermittent self-catheterization is simple, safe, and effective but underused procedure mandatory in neuropathic bladder, postoperative retention, and following bladder reconstruction like AC [21].
Studies investigating lesion severity and bladder function found no significant difference between complete and incomplete lesions in terms of maximum detrusor pressure and MC (21); mean MC and mean intravesical leak-point pressures were not significantly different between AIS-A and AIS B-E patients (22); although DO was more benign in AIS-B patients than in AIS-A patients, neuropathic bladder type and compliance were not significantly different between AIS-A and AIS-B patients (23).
On the other hand, invasive UDSs are indicated to evaluate and characterise the neuropathic bladder. UDSs should be used early in the management and repeated to avoid upper tract deterioration.