neuromuscular blocking agent

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a substance that interferes with the neural transmission between motor neurons and skeletal muscles

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Among the neuromuscular blocking agents, suxamethonium may be the fastest drug over onset time, as one kind of depolarization muscular
Georgia's law is almost identical to Florida's, and mandates that "curare, curariform mixtures, or any substance which acts as a neuromuscular blocking agent may not be used on a dog or cat" for euthanasia purposes.
It is recommended that clinicians administering neuromuscular blocking agents, such as ZEMURON, employ a peripheral nerve stimulator to monitor drug effect, need for additional doses, adequacy of spontaneous recovery or antagonism, and to decrease the complications of overdosage if additional doses are administered.
Recently, good mydriasis without systemic adverse effects was obtained in nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey by using topically applied rocuronium bromide, a neuromuscular blocking agent and derivative of vecuronium bromide.
When she returned to the medication room, the nurse glanced at the yellow label, similar to the other labels on the antibiotics, and administered the neuromuscular blocking agent, believing it was an antibiotic.
Neuromuscular blocking agents should only be prescribed after other means of decreasing oxygen consumption, managing ventilation, treating muscle spasms, and moderating intracranial pressure have proven ineffective.
Rocuronium (RO) and vecuronium (VE) are widely used aminosteroidal non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents.
The purpose of the present study was to evaluate intubating conditions and hemodynamic responses in healthy adult patients with favorable airway anatomy by doing intravenous induction of anaesthesia with midazolam, fentanyl, lignocaine and propofol without use of neuromuscular blocking agents.
Being an aminosteroidal based neuromuscular blocking agent it has low tendency to release histamine.
13 May 2010 - Indian Strides Arcolab Limited (BOM: 532531) said today that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Vecuronium Bromide for Injection, 10mg per vial and 20mg per vial, a neuromuscular blocking agent of intermediate duration used as an adjunct to general anesthesia to facilitate endotracheal intubation and to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgery or mechanical ventilation.
Used predominately in hospitals and clinics in general anesthesia, rocuronium is an intravenous neuromuscular blocking agent (NMBA) that is administered during surgery to facilitate safe and rapid endotracheal intubation (insertion of a tube in the windpipe to facilitate artificial ventilation) and provide total skeletal muscle relaxation.
Rest of the surgery was continued without neuromuscular blocking agent.
Unrestricted access to sugammadex: impact on neuromuscular blocking agent choice, reversal practice, and associated healthcare costs.
Dysport([R]) is a neuromuscular blocking agent which acts as a neuromuscular blocking toxin, which was initially developed for the treatment of motor disorders and various forms of muscular spasticity, including cervical dystonia (a chronic condition in which the neck is twisted or deviated), spasticity of the lower limbs in children with cerebral palsy, blepharospasm (involuntary eye closure) and hemifacial spasm.