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any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system

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FREMAP monitoring has been reported to improve the preservation of facial nerve function during acoustic neuroma surgery [7].
Dysfunction of the cochlea contributing to hearing loss in acoustic neuromas: An underappreciated entity.
Some patients had bilateral otitis or bilateral acoustic neuromas. Key: VS = vestibular schwannoma.
A neuroma, also known as a "pinched nerve", is a benign growth of nerve tissue that causes a burning sensation, tingling or numbness.
Traumatic neuromas are rare, with relatively few cases identified in the literature since 2000.
Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for acoustic neuromas: reservation of function versus size.
Palisaded encapsulated neuroma(PEN) is a benign intraneural neuroma presenting as a solitary, sessile,immobile, asymptomatic, skin-coloured papule or nodule, commonly affecting the butterfly area of the face of a middle-aged person.It is not associated with neurofibromatosis or multiple endocrine neoplasia.We hereby report a unique case presenting with a firm,nodular growthover the posteromedial aspect of right kneewhich progressively increased in size over one year.On the basis of histopathologic findings,diagnosis of palisaded encapsulated neuroma was made.It is imperativeto diagnose it histopathologically, because it is more commonly misdiagnosed clinically with schwannoma and neurofibroma.
Interdigital neuroma in the foot, generally known as Morton's neuroma, is a painful condition that produces neuropathic pain in the distribution of the affected interdigital nerve [1].
Classical CT finding of acoustic neuromas are contrast enhancing tumours in the region of CP angle, contralateral displacement of the 4th ventricle and non-visualisation of 4th ventricle.
The term 'Mortons Neuroma is usually ascribed to a Dr Thomas G Morton of Philadelphia who published a treatise under the title of "A Peculiar Painful Affection of the Fourth Metatarsophalangeal Articulation" in 1876.
However, orthotics do not always work to help neuromas. If the cortisone shot(s) do not help, then I have used 4% dehydrated alcohol injections to chemically kill the nerve.
have demonstrated the beneficial role of such modality in the intraoperative detection and localization of various surgical pathologies like neuromas or nerve entrapment following surgical ligation of surrounding nervous structures.
The clinical benefit of the use of the Flexible Collagen Nerve Conduit in reducing the formation of painful neuromas has been demonstrated by John S.