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any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system

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A neuroma, also known as a "pinched nerve", is a benign growth of nerve tissue that causes a burning sensation, tingling or numbness.
Traumatic neuromas are rare, with relatively few cases identified in the literature since 2000.
Microsurgery for small acoustic neuromas via the middle cranial fossa approach is an established method that is associated with a low complication rate.
An anatomical study examining the relationship between the location of interdigital neuromas and the DTML demonstrated that the interdigital neuromas were located more distally than the DTML in both the mid-stance and the heel-off stage during walking, which raised an objection against an entrapment by the DTML and supported chronic repetitive trauma by the metatarsal heads as an etiology [28].
CT scan examination with contrast enhancement by iodinated intravenous contrast medium has virtually replaced invasive radiological investigation in the diagnosis of acoustic neuroma.
The term 'Mortons Neuroma is usually ascribed to a Dr Thomas G Morton of Philadelphia who published a treatise under the title of "A Peculiar Painful Affection of the Fourth Metatarsophalangeal Articulation" in 1876.
Como quiera que nos estamos refiriendo a neuromas interdigitales no vamos a incluir entre estos al neuroma que aparece bajo la cabeza del quinto metatarsiano (8), pese a que esta localizado en la rama mas lateral del nervio plantar lateral pero su situacion es la zona lateral plantar de la cabeza del quinto metatarsiano y, por tanto, no puede ser incluido en los de localizacion estrictamente interdigital.
A true Morton's neuroma is painful with tight shoes and relief is obtained almost immediately by removing the shoe and rubbing the affected area.
Acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas) are benign neoplasms that usually arise on the superior vestibular portion of the auditory nerve (cranial nerve [CN] VIII); larger acoustic neuromas can involve other nerves, including the facial nerve (CN VII).
The clinical benefit of the use of the Flexible Collagen Nerve Conduit in reducing the formation of painful neuromas has been demonstrated by John S.
17 Acoustic neuromas are isointense relative to the pons on magnetic resonance T1 weighted images mildly hyperintense on magnetic resonance T2 weighted images and enhance intensely after i.
Wearing these shoes can cause: hyperextension, ankle sprains, midfoot fractures, neuromas (benign nerve tumors), pinched nerves, bunions and hammertoes.