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a medical specialist in the nervous system and the disorders affecting it

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The internist referred the patient to a neurologist but didn't inform the neurologist that the man's symptoms were becoming worse.
A team led by Gunther Deuschl, a neurologist at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany, randomly assigned 152 patients with Parkinson's disease to get surgery or to continue their medication.
If the AAN's grievance committee determines that the neurologist violated its witness guidelines, a hearing panel may take disciplinary action.
For a neurologist in an office, it's very disruptive to leave to see a stroke patient [in an emergency department]--it's not very lucrative, and there is medicolegal risk," said Howard S.
The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery claims a shortage of neurologists has lead to almost 180 patients having to wait more than 26 weeks to see a doctor.
But Trevor Pickersgill, a registrar neurologist at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, said that out of the latest 11 trainees to have emerged at the University of Wales College of Medicine only two had found work here.
Glendale neurologist Ilena Blicker, new president of the Los Angeles County Medical Society, wants to halt the exodus of doctors from the profession.
In order to be eligible for certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Pediatrics, the child neurologist can train for two years in pediatrics and then three years in neurology (one year of adult, two years of child).
Speaking on identification and treatment of headaches, Consultant Neurologist from United Kingdom Dr.
If you are experiencing double vision, eye pain, black spots in your vision, or jerking eye movements, ask your doctor for a referral to an ophthalmologist or neurologist.
Dr Brian Sweeney, consultant neurologist at Cork University Hospital, said: "There are 16 people [neurologists] in public service - one for 250,000 people, well below the European average.
This thwarts the brain inflammation and nerve damage that these immune system cells trigger, says neurologist Richard A.
People in Pembrokeshire have to travel to Morriston Hospital for treatment from a neurologist.
Dr Peter Humphrey, consultant neurologist at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Liverpool, said: "The early correct diagnosis and management of acutely ill neurological patients can make the difference between life and death.