neurological disorder

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5 million people are living with a neurological disorder in England.
Speakers emphasized the need for creating awareness regarding the neurological disorder in Pakistan, they deplored that most of the physicians considered it to be an outcome of old age and were also not aware of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management of the neurological disease.
According to Isis Pharmaceuticals, the milestone payment is associated with the validation of an undisclosed target to treat a neurological disorder under its broad strategic collaboration with Biogen Idec to develop drugs to treat patients with neurological disorders.
An even higher percentage of respondents, 81 percent, would want to identify an incurable neurological disorder if it affected somebody close to them, with more women (84 percent) wanting to know than men (76 percent).
City of Industry, CA, the distributors of Magtein magneslum L-threonate, has been awarded two patents for magnesium compositions and uses for cognitive function (Patent 8,178,118) and neurological disorders (Patent No.
In this federal multi-district welding fume litigation case, a consolidated proceeding of more than 6,000 welding fume claims, the defendants filed motions to exclude scientific studies and expert testimony purporting to establish that exposure to welding flames causes certain neurological disorders.
The individualized nature of autism - a neurological disorder that has increased dramatically in California in the last 15 years - means that no one treatment works for every child.
It is this history of the effectiveness of CM with psychological and neurological disorders that provides a basis for the effective treatment of Autism.
The Society is the authority on the standards of care for children with neurological disorders and, through scientific and clinical information, provides the framework for developing public and healthcare policies regarding children with neurological disorders.
Research provides the best way to cap the spiraling costs of neurological disorders.
Objective: As life expectancies across the world continue to increase, the number of people suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder such as Parkinson s disease and Alzheimer s disease also rapidly increases.
AO Smith et al, found manganese present in welding fumes caused a 65-year-old worker to develop a neurological disorder similar to, if not, Parkinson's disease.
Gello von Bergmannshof, a purebred German shepherd that had helped deputies patrol Palmdale for nearly five years, was put to sleep just before noon after more than a month of battling a neurological disorder.
This progressive neurological disorder causes muscle tremors and a shuffling gait.
It s interesting to note that the majority of respondents with more experience of a neurological disorder via a loved one for example, said that they would want to know, in spite of there being no cure.
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