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The parenchyma had two anatomically distinct zones, the outer adenohypophysis and the inner neurohypophysis, which had different histological and cytological structures in LM and TEM.
Acromegaly associated with a granular cell tumor of the neurohypophysis: A clinical and histological study.
Zonulin binds to receptors activating some intracellular pathways and as a result TJs are opened and permeability increases.7,8 To keep arterial blood pressure within normal limits for cirrhosis patients, clear activation forms in endogenous vasoconstrictor systems like the renin - angiotensin - aldosterone system, sympathetic nervous system and vasopressin (AVP).9 Copeptin, a 39 - amino acid glycopeptide, biochemically is released from the neurohypophysis within pioneer preprovasopressin together with AVP.
To this end, pericapillary lamellar processes of astrocytes are not observed in several paraventricular structures such as the posterior pituitary gland (neurohypophysis) and the pineal body.
Presence of vasopressin, oxytocin and neurophysin in the retina of mammals, effect of light and darkness, comparison with the neuropeptide content of the neurohypophysis and the pineal gland.
Hormones of the posterior pituitary (neurohypophysis) differ from other pituitary hormones in that they do not originate in the pituitary, but are only stored there until needed.
The pulsatile release of oxytocin by the neurohypophysis stimulates the production of uterine [PGF.sub.2[alpha]] in ruminants.
The posterior lobe (neurohypophysis or pars nervosa) is derived from the brain, whereas the adenohypophysis (or pars distalis) develops from the oral ectoderm (epithelium forming the roof of the mouth) of the embryo.
It is well known that oxytocin is secreted in neurohypophysis in both male and female, have a significant role in control of behavior but its role in male behavior has not been studied in detail as much as studied in the behavior of females.
Fig 3: Vimentin localization in neurohypophysis. Compared to the (IL), an intense vimentin immunoreactivity was observed in the NL (A).
Growth hormone deficiency with ectopic neurohypophysis: anatomical variations and relationship between the visibility of the pituitary stalk asserted by magnetic resonance imaging and anterior pituitary function.
They presented late diagnosed anterior pituitary function failure with ectopic neurohypophysis.
In particular, secretory CVOs (median eminence and neurohypophysis) present a higher vascular permeability for low-molecular-mass tracers compared to sensory CVOs (organum vasculosum of lamina terminalis, subfornical organ, and area postrema) [13].
The posterior pituitary gland or neurohypophysis secretes antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and oxytocin (Table 1).
Granular cell tumour of the neurohypophysis. In: Louis DN, Ohgaki H, Wiestler OD, Cavenee WK, eds.