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a hormone that is released by nerve impulses (e

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The molecular nuances of VEd are vast, yet our discussion would not be complete without at least brief mention of several molecular vasoconstrictors and neurohormonal factors prior to any discussion of treatment or rehabilitation of VEd by natural medicine or any other means.
Now neurohormonal studies have established yawning as a marker for D3 dopamine receptors and the behavioural and imaging studies have found its role as a non-verbal language and emotion (like empathy).
Neurohormonal theories of sexual orientation development hold that various patterns of feminization--defeminization and masculinization--unmasculinization of the brain direct attraction to specific physical characteristics which contributes to mate preferences and ultimately to sexual orientation (LeVay, 2011; Muscarella, 2002; Muscarella, Elias, & Szuchman, 2004).
The neurohormonal theory incorporates five key predictions, one of which is that homosexuality should evidence a significant degree of heritability.
Por lo tanto se evidencia la necesidad de empezar a disenar programas de medicina preventiva para reducir el riesgo de morbilidad y mortalidad de esta enfermedad debida a la remodelacion ventricular como consecuencia de la activacion neurohormonal temprana.
7) It has been suggested that decreased cardiac output, increased inflammation, oxidative stress and activation of the neurohormonal system may challenge kidney function in patients with chronic heart failure.
Effects of chronic angiotensin II receptor antagonist and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor treatments on neurohormonal levels and haemodynamics during cardiopulmonary bypass.
Deficient insulin-like growth factor I in chronic heart failure predicts altered body composition, anabolic deficiency, cytokine and neurohormonal activation.
If validated, this suggests an unidentified neurohormonal predisposition rather than an idiosyncrasy leading to chloroquine-induced psychosis.
Further, will uncovering the nature of the neurohormonal defects among those with PTSD lead to the development of advanced treatments?
His current research focuses on the role of endothelial and neurohormonal factors in mediating hypertension in animal models of preeclampsia.
The hypothalamus which takes instructions from the amygdala also triggers neurohormonal reactions, so that the final consequences of thought and emotions could be anything from coronary artery plaque rupture (acute stress) to a change in natural killer cell activity (chronic stress).