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a hormone that is released by nerve impulses (e

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Notably, in contrast to the prevalent use of intravenous vasodilators in AHF patients, neurohormonal antagonists were underused in our cohort.
Urocortin 2 infusion in healthy humans: hemodynamics, neurohormonal and renal responses.
A combination of asanas, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation practiced for a month or more triggers neurohormonal mechanisms in the form of stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium with a tendency toward parasympathetic nervous system dominance.
The entire chapter is based on scientific argumentation on the neurohormonal and neurotransmitter mechanisms involved.
o The authors emphasize the dependence of biological structure on developmental environment as they move toward more bio-based explanations, including evolutionary motivations, neurohormonal status, brain structure, and personality traits.
Increased stress leads to neurohormonal activity and affects RDW levels.
The reason for this could be stress leukogram and activation of neurohormonal system as indicated by Ristic (2004).
HF is a clinical syndrome of effort intolerance characterised by breathlessness and fatigue, due to structural and functional abnormalities of the myocardium, resulting in salt and water retention that is associated with neurohormonal adaptations, mainly in the reninangiotension-aldosterone system (RAAS).
ABSTRACT The systemic biopsychological perspective of basic emotions is a heuristic model that allows a better understanding of how people learn to adapt to their environment through different emotions that developed gradually along neurohormonal circuit myelination from birth until about the age of twenty-one.
Activation of the various neurohormonal compensatory mechanisms eventually result in a dilute hyponatremia6,7.
However, deaths caused by heart failure were balanced between those on saxagliptin and those on placebo, and no possible mechanism for the HF finding could be identified, according to AstraZeneca, which is planning a mechanistic study to evaluate the effects of saxagliptin on volume, neurohormonal changes, and cardiac function.
Dysregulated RAAS signaling is associated with systemic arterial hypertension, kidney dysfunction, vascular atherosclerotic disease, and heart failure, which rapidly shifts from organ disease to a disorder of neurohormonal regulatory systems.
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a gastrointestinal disorder marked by disorganized bowel function due to neurohormonal bowel wallgut axis dysfunction.
In the somatic impact there are certain neurohormonal changes in the body as epinephrine and adrenalin are released and the body goes into a flight or fight mode.
This can be explained by the involvment of neurohormonal factors the disruption of intrarenal hemodynamics and the decreasing of transrenal perfusion pres- sure.