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rosea Salidroside NPY Salidroside Human neuroglia cell line T98G HSF1 Salidroside Human neuroglia cell line T98G Hsp70 Salidroside Human neuroglia cell line T98G Target molecule Test article Concentration/Dose BNDF Salidroside 20 and 40 mg/kg 12 and 24 mg/kg CREB Salidroside 5 [micro]M 50 and 100 [micro] M CREB tCREB/MITF/ R.
Conclusion: Analysis of RNA microarray data from isolated neuroglia cells and the comparison the number of genes deregulated by plant extracts and their fixed herbal formulation might be a useful tool/method for assessment of synergistic and antagonistic interactions of herbal extracts in human organism.
Methods: Gene expression profiling was performed on the human neuroglia cell line T98G after treatment with APE, ESE, KJ and total number of more than two fold-deregulated genes from all experiments were compared by Venn diagram.
In this study, we tested the effects of the Rhodiola SHR-5 extract and three isolated compounds, specifically salidroside, triandrin, and tyrosol, on the gene expression profiles of isolated human neuroglia cells, which were measured using m-RNA arrays.
gene expression profiles (Table 15) of isolated neuroglia cells,
The release of NPY and Hsp72 from neuroglia cells in response to treatment with various plant extracts (n =23) including selected validated adaptogens, partly validated adaptogens, claimed but negligibly validated adaptogens and some other plant extracts affecting neuroendocrine and immune systems but never considered as adaptogens was measured using high throughput ELISA techniques.