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El desarrollo de estas arquitecturas no hubiese sido posible si no se acompanara de una serie de cambios en la base neural, comenzando por el aumento de volumen de la corteza cerebral, que conllevo, ademas, a un aumento en el metabolismo neuronal, resuelto efectivamente por el aumento en la proporcion de neuroglia, con lo cual la transmision sinaptica se hizo mas efectiva y permitio la complejidad de las funciones del sistema nervioso (Blazquez & Pelaez, 2013).
My third premise is that the "organ" added by evolution was neuropil, which is a sheet of neurons and neuroglia that are densely packed and interconnected by innumerable channels conducting chemical and electrical fields of energy, and by specific mechanisms of engagement of neurons in dyadic pairs through synapses.
La plasticidad, que obedece mas al orden de la biologia neuronal e interneuronal, requiere participacion de la neuroglia que ejecuta acciones de neovascularizacion, regulacion energetica, modulacion metabolica (62), regulacion astrocitica de la corriente de calcio para sinaptogenesis (63) y senalizacion neuronal.
A case of neuroglia choristoma in middle ear [in Chinese].
A very dense network of processes occupies the space between the cell bodies of the neurons, neuroglia (cells that support and protect neurons), and blood vessels.
The ultrastructure of neurons and neuroglia in the cerebral and pleuro-pedal ganglia of Haliotis asinina Linnaeus.
La categoria de inmaduros muestra neuroglia o neuroepitelio que puede coexistir con tejidos maduros.
Differentiated neuroglia cells are very sensitive to the deficiency of oxygen in the neonatal period, its defeat in the specified period leads to the disorders of myelinisation.
Survey of cerebellum white matter in the treatment group compared with normal cerebellum white matter tissue in control group demonstrated defects in the neuropil tissue which was accompanied by decreased staining and increased interstitial space and decreased neuroglia cell condensation.
This edition incorporates information on cerebral blood flow during exercise, the anti-fatigue action of catecholamines during exercise, the role of metabosensitive nerve endings in muscle fatigue, the nutritional role of neuroglia, multiple mechanisms for glucose absorption, the pathophysiology of clubbing of fingers, the staircase phenomenon, REM sleep, and the high degree of coordination involved in ciliary activity in the respiratory tract.
Key words: Neurons, neuroglia, Panax ginseng, fetal brain, anomalies.
mainly the nourishing function of the neuroglia and the lymphatic cells.
Some alterations of the plasma membrane have also been reported in neurons as well as in neuroglia which have been exposed to Mn [5, 10, 26, 42].
The European contributors review currently knowledge about pericycte loss and neuroglia in the diabetic retina, growth factors in the diabetic eye, the renin-angiotensin system, leukocyte recruitment, and the potential use of Muller stem cells to regenerate diabetic retina.