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the study of ethical implications of treatments for neurological diseases

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Correspondence: Eric Racine, PhD, Director, Neuroethics Research Unit, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM), 110 avenue des Pins Ouest, Montreal, QC H2W IR7, Tel: 514-987-5723, E-mail: eric.
3 y tambien "In Defence of Modest Doxasticism About Delusions", en: Neuroethics, v.
will, (29) neuroethics, (30) and many areas beyond criminal law.
Craver, No Nonsense Neuro-Law, 4 Neuroethics 195, 197 (2011) (arguing that much of neuroscience is "nonsense," and recognizing that despite that, "it is possible to infer what a person can and cannot do from what one knows about the functional and structural integrity of their brains").
Philosophy, ethics, and theology discussions centered on the nature of consciousness, embodiment, and the self relative to development and expression of these functions in machine or computational systems; the case for employing extant constructs of neuroethics to address issues, questions, and problems generated by efforts to create machines that develop higher-order cognitive functions, relational capabilities, and some form of consciousness; and secular and particular religious perspectives on the nature of human-human relationships, as extended to analyses of the evolving relationship between humans and ever more cognitively capable machines.
The Subjective Brain, Identity, and Neuroethics, The American Journal of Bioethics, Volume 9, Issue 9, August 2009, pag.
Of particular interest to those coming from a background in neuroethics, rehabilitation, or psychology is the inclusion of the respective topics of mental health and disability within the broader discussion of human flourishing.
Walter Glannon, "Psychopharmacological Enhancement," Neuroethics, vol.
Michael Gazzaniga, Princeton University Vanuxem public lecture series, "Personal Identity, Neuroethics and the Human Brain" (Thursday, April 14, 2005); available at http://www.
One example of how this may be done is the Zombies and Zombethics conference sponsored by the Emory University Center for Ethics, Neuroethics Program (See Table 1).
Greely, Neuroethics and ELSL" Similarities and Differences, 7 MINN.
1423, 1430-32 (2004) (providing a discussion of the callous, unemotional, manipulative, and detached nature of psychopaths); Thomas Nadelhoffer et at, Neuroprediction, Violence, and the Law: Setting the Stage, 5 Neuroethics 67, 80 (2012) ("[I]ndividuals with psychopathy are notoriously domineering, exploitative of others, and deficient (or entirely lacking) in emotions such as guilt, remorse, and empathy.
a postdoctoral fellow at the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
Why Sex Matters for Neuroethics," The American Journal of Bioethics 8(1): 1-2.
Dentro de las neurociencias ha surgido una nueva rama que lleva el nombre de neuroethics (termino acunado por William Satire) que, de acuerdo con Luis Echarte, resulta erronea para denominar a los estudios que se proponen brindar una nueva imagen o definicion del ser humano.