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any organic substance that occurs in neural activity

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Hypothesizing that a neurochemical alteration related to sensory hyperreactivity (SHR) of the airway mucosa occurs, we measured levels of nerve growth factor (NGF) in nasal lavage fluid (NAL) before and after capsaicin inhalation provocations and related the capsaicin cough sensitivity to the NGF levels.
Most of these drugs would have as a final common path the return of neurochemical plasticity and behavioral elasticity.
Although most stressors elicit some common neurochemical and behavioral effects, their responses are not always identical.
From a neurochemical viewpoint, Cross shows that there is much in common between the conical and the subcortical dementias.
The discovery of what may effectively be a neurochemical antidote for feeling let-down is reported Sept.
The contributing neurologists, radiologists, psychiatrists, pathologists, and other clinicians, who are from Europe and North America, also address genetically influenced vascular conditions, vascular factors in Alzheimer's disease, and neurochemical analysis.
Their topics include a neurochemical perspective on states of consciousness, cortical disintegration mechanisms of anesthetic-induced unconsciousness, anesthesia-induced state transitions in neuronal populations, and loss of recall and the hippocampal circuit effects produced by anesthetics.
Once a baby is delivered, the neurochemical induces the mother to release breast milk--an elegant symbiotic design that keeps babies fat and happy and can send nursing mothers into a state of dreamy contentedness.
Indeed, it is possible to draw a direct connection between at least one feature of the neurochemical alterations and the corresponding behavioral effect.
Imaging studies have raised the possibility that the neurochemical circuits governing drug-seeking behavior overlap with those involved in appetite.
The PROMETA protocols include medically supervised procedures designed to address both the neurochemical imbalances in the brain and some of the nutritional deficits caused or worsened by substance dependence.
This neurochemical system is involved in a variety of physiological processes, including appetite, pain, mood, stress responses and memory.
The dream stage of sleep, based on its unique neurochemical composition, provides us with a form of overnight therapy, a soothing balm that removes the sharp edges from the prior day's emotional experiences," said Matthew Walker, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at UC Berkeley and senior author of the study to be published on Nov.
Biogenic amines; pharmacological, neurochemical, and molecular aspects in the CNS.
The neurochemical basis of autism; from molecules to minicolumns.