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a specialist in neurobiology

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With Simon Chen, another UC San Diego neurobiologist, the researchers monitored the activity of neurons in the motor cortex over a period of two weeks while mice learned to press a lever in a specific way with their front limbs to receive a reward.
For Georges Chapouthier, a neurobiologist and director of the Emotion Centre at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, self-awareness means that dolphin and whales, along with some higher primates, can experience not just pain but also suffering.
Reppert, a neurobiologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester.
Hewas named as aGreat Briton ahead of the two other finalists in the category, neurobiologist Professor Colin Blakemore and the former chief scientific adviser to the Government, Sir David King.
Erich Jarvis, a world-renowned neurobiologist at Duke University Medical Center, is noted for his research on genes in the brain pathways for vocal learning in birds.
First and foremost, the most just way to evaluate people is based on their individual abilities and accomplishments rather than on the general abilities of whatever gender they espouse (remember the case of Stanford neurobiologist Ben A.
For NSI theoretical neurobiologist Anil Seth, it offered a metaphor for brain activity.
A General Medical Council Panel yesterday gave their reasons for deciding there was enough evidence to proceed with a case against consultant neurobiologist Dr Brian Morgan Phillips.
While the neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux uses the term "plasticity of the brain" to refer to the capacity of synapses to form or reform a bit of information, Malabou's concept of plasticity refers to a being's strategy and capacity to be transgressed, to be other--a dual, contradictory yet inseparable movement involving the sudden emergence and annihilation of form.
Galen Kaufman, a Texas neurobiologist and Fizzy Fruit's inventor, discovered it while he was on a sailing trip.
Dr Dan McGehee, a neurobiologist at the University of Chicago, said: 'A whole range of psychiatric conditions seem to be helped by nicotine.
Neurobiologist John McHaffie told Nature magazine: "These people have very strange perceptions.
Joe Miller, a University of Southern California neurobiologist, could not read magnetic tapes from NASA's 1976 Viking landings on Mars.
Bower, a former Caltech neurobiologist, "There's nothing more entertaining than education, done properly.
I think one of the themes of this series of programs is the enormous plasticity that's present in the brain from the earliest stages of development all the way into aging,'' said Sue McConnell, a Stanford neurobiologist featured in the first episode.
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