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of or relating to neural tissue or the nervous system

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Therefore, in such cases, the neurosurgeon relates functional complication to neural/fascicular injury through analysis of innervation pattern of iliacus/iliopsoas muscles/part of these muscles by thorough neuroanatomical knowledge of network of nerves to iliacus keeping signs and symptoms in view to have a firsthand idea.
This led to ask, what are the neuroanatomical correlates of anomia?
As indicated by the previous studies, changes in neuroanatomical, especially volumetric changes in gray matters (GM), were important findings in NPT patient population [18, 21-25].
24 ROIs were defined based on neuroanatomical landmarks and Broadman areas and are depicted in Figure 2.
In this regard, Table 1 summarizes the abovementioned assessment tools, reporting the neurological disorders in which impairment of social cognition domains has been explored and the respective neuroanatomical correlates of these dysfunctions.
Evidence of neuroanatomical differences between autistic patients and healthy controls comes from postmortem and neuroimaging studies [8, 9].
Central causes of pain are well accepted and understood, explained by physiologic and neuroanatomical principles [1, 2].
Our patient is notable in that his two presenting complaints--impairment of face recognition and language--point to dysfunction of a relatively precise neuroanatomical area.
Neuroanatomical sites considered important are the medulla and hypothalamus, as animal models show that lesions to these sites cause surges of sympathetic activity leading to elevated systemic hypertension and increases in left atrial and pulmonary hydrostatic pressure, culminating in pulmonary edema [2, 7, 12].
Reasons were also discovered for the reports of lack of efficacy: "Studies have shown exogenous melatonin can lack effectiveness depending on the circumstances relating to timing and amount of dose administration, if there is neuroanatomical deterioration, if there are co-morbid clinical disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), and if the formula is extended release or fast acting."
Horizon 2020 has supported a Cardiff University project focused on the integration of offshore wind with the existing power system, as well as a study looking at the "computational, neuroanatomical and neurochemical mechanisms" that drive decision-making.
In studies, the combination of physical activity and yoga appear to exert a protective effect on the brain's gray and white matter that could counteract the negative neuroanatomical effects of chronic pain.
HIGHLAND, Utah, July 26, 2017 -- Gradients of molecular signaling factors play an essential role in numerous events in embryonic development, from patterning limb and organ formation to the intricate shaping of the brain and neuroanatomical architecture.
We present a case unique for a "found down" patient determined to have concurrent bilateral globus pallidus lesions as well as bilateral blood breakdown products and atrophy in the hippocampus with deficits in implicit and explicit memory that correlate to the sites of neuroanatomical injury.