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tumor (usually benign) of the sheath surrounding a nerve

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The schwannoma, also known as neurilemmoma, neurinoma, or perineural fibroblastoma, is a slow-growing benign neoplasm of the peripheral nerves usually located in soft tissues; (1) it is composed of Schwann cells, which is a type of glial cell surrounding the axon of the neurons and forming the myelin sheath, mainly in charge of correctly guide the axon growth.
Essa perda do isolamento eletrico pode ocorrer devido a sindrome de compressao vascular dentro do canal auditivo interno, neurinoma do acustico ou outra patologia retrococlear, resultando em aumento da atividade espontanea de diferentes fibras [18].
Some types of primary (eg neurinoma, Schwannoma) or metastatic tumours can also affect just one of the nerves anywhere along their extra-cerebral course.
La frecuencia relativa de los principales tumores del SNC se distribuye de la siguiente forma: a) glioma (50%); b) meningioma (20%); c) adenoma hipofisario (10%); d) neurinoma (6%); e) craneofaringioma (3%); f) meduloblastoma, y h) tumores primarios del SNC restantes (8%) (3).
But Roger Coghill said a closer look at the study revealed significantly more acoustic neurinoma tumours were found on the same side of the head as mobile phones were used on.
The first New Zealand patient arrived in Honolulu in late May and was treated for acoustic neurinoma, a form of intracranial tumor, by Dr.
An acoustic neurinoma is a benign tumor which may develop on the hearing and balance nerves near the inner ear.
Surgical findings in idiopathic trigeminal neuropathy mimicking a trigeminal neurinoma.
Gordon DS, Kerr AG, Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea following surgery for acoustic neurinoma report of two cases.
Neurological picture: an intradural spinal tuberculoma mimicking a neurinoma.
A trigeminal neurinoma involving the lacrimal nerve: Case report.
1] Schwannoma was first reported by Verocay in 1910, who described it as neurinoma.