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of or relating to the nervous system


of or relating to neurons

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For this reason, many of the underlying research questions around neural computing center around what aspects of biological neural computing should be emulated, as how to build neural architectures is increasingly well understood.
I decided to train the neural network to randomly generate Pokemon names and abilities based on this list as a training set - and found that it was good at generating Pokemon.
During the development of the nervous system, neural progenitor cells can either stay in the pool of proliferating undifferentiated cells or exit the cell cycle and differentiate.
A thriving component of the neural stem cell marketplace is the segment that sells neural stem cell research products to scientists.
Previously, the same research team produced customized neural crest cells by first reprogramming patient skin cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, which are similar to embryonic stem cells in their ability to become any of a broad array of cell types.
Defining the Gene Regulatory Network Underlying Neural Crest Formation
There are three major types of neural tube defects, all with devastating consequences.
Specifically, the partners have succeeded in inducing most of neural cell species including neurons and glia cells from mouse embryonic stem cells.
The new study probes the neural basis of spatial neglect, a condition that annually affects as many as 5 million people worldwide.
The ducks grew pointy quail beaks and the quails grew broad duckbills--strong evidence that neural crest cells are in fact responsible for beak development.
Since the development of an artificial neural network (ANN) approximately 50 years ago, it has received considerable attention from researchers.
Neural crest cells play an important role in embryonic development as they differentiate into components of the central and peripheral nervous systems, vascular system, and muscle tissue.
Neural networks and electromagnetics are two different scientific fields.
AcSys Biometrics is the leading provider of face recognition technology based on the worldwide-patented Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).
As part of an effort to significantly reduce commercial aircraft accidents, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is working on neural network software that would learn the data it receives and processes.