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NASDAQ: EXFO) (TSX: EXF) has acquired UK-based real-time network topology discovery and service-chain mapping specialist Ontology Systems for a total consideration of USD 7.
This topology is an extension of Alice-and-Bob network topology (shown in Fig.
This reduces the number of switches needed to connect a given number of nodes by roughly 40% compared to a fat-tree network topology while maintaining equivalent performance levels under the maximum-load communication pattern of all-to-all communications.
Coexistence between small cells and the macro radio network is widely seen by mobile operators as their most pressing network topology challenge.
An appliance-based product, Shunra\Storm recreates the network topology in the lab and enables network managers to evaluate how applications will actually perform in real-life under a wide range of network configurations--from slow modem connections, through high latency satellite links and gigabit connections--prior to deployment.
The design process for an optimum network topology can be really accelerated if the BHR statistics (in the form of aggregate nodal traffic intensities or from-to traffic flows) are employed.
Neon Software's innovative technology adds discovery, mapping and visualization of network topology to SolarWinds' comprehensive range of network management solutions for businesses of all sizes.
The product allows users to automatically create dynamic views of network topology and equipment models.
There will be tradeoffs between keeping track of configuration information within the Fibre Channel network, or forcing a central management platform to ascertain Fibre Channel network topology using management mechanisms such as configuration files, name services, and SNMP interactions.
New Solution Provides Missing Piece to CMDB Puzzle with Affordable, Real-Time Network Topology Database
By utilizing the efficiencies of next generation VoIP technologies with in its own network topology, ANI Networks has the flexibility to adapt to ever changing wholesale market conditions and regulatory capitulations, resulting in operational stability and economic longevity for its wholesale clients.
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