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a local computer network for communication between computers

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To serve up faster peak network speeds, Wideband LTE increases bandwidth and capacity on T-Mobile s LTE network.
The companies shared how regional companies and organizations could enhance their IT security and network speeds using Blue Coat products.
On the performance front, an optimal IP SAN must have the ability to keep pace with network speeds for all kinds of storage traffic.
The increase in network speeds and the movement to Ethernet in the WAN change security requirements, making flexibility critical to securing 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks.
The speed and granularity with which the pattern discovery algorithm searches for new patterns is critical to the high data reduction rates provided by MSR and the high network speeds at which this technology can operate.
Their early entrance in the program as a 10 Gigabit Ethernet semiconductor company will enable us to work together to improve network speeds in conjunction with virtualized servers," said Benn Schreiber, director of business development, XenSource, Inc.
On NAS systems with multiple drives, the relatively slow network speeds can probably make drives on a NAS feel awfully slow, although I'm told that some NAS devices, even over a 100Mbit Ethernet can still outform some NT file servers.
Networking companies are rolling out next-generation networking systems, increasing their network speeds to 10 Gigabits per second from 3 Gbps.