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Synonyms for network

Synonyms for network

an open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

an interwoven or interrelated number of things


Synonyms for network

an interconnected system of things or people

(broadcasting) a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programs

a system of intersecting lines or channels

(electronics) a system of interconnected electronic components or circuits

communicate with and within a group

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A social network is a series of choices by actors that are either positive (creating a contact) or negative (not creating a contact).
Network speeds can be virtually unlimited, but the costs can be very prohibitive to end users, who typically have 3-5 year contracts for bandwidth that require monthly payments.
If one access point is too close to another, it will "defer"--that is, the point with the stronger signal will knock the weaker point offline, creating interference that impairs capacity and slows the network down.
For example, a pool of 10 secretaries who primarily perform word processing puts far less demand on the network than two accountants working on spreadsheet programs.
This is true for corporate users as well as network service providers, including intra-enterprise networks, Application Service Providers (ASPs), Storage Services Providers (SSPs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and many others.
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