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Synonyms for nettlesome

troubling the nerves or peace of mind, as by repeated vexations

so replete with interlocking points and complications as to be painfully irritating

Synonyms for nettlesome

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The moment investigation against Naik began, the donation was returned." But with the NIA, Home Ministry and Intelligence Bureau after Naik, the report has emerged as a nettlesome issue for the Congress.
"Nothing, no, nope, nix, none, noway, never!" neighed nettlesome, night napping numbat Nancy.
A particularly nettlesome project involved molding filter-essel bodies and butterfly-valve bodies out of corrosive CPVC on a 1000-ton press equipped with a 150-mm, 20:1 L/D plasticating unit.
Propelled by a thirst for the truth (and maybe even an older, less nettlesome sibling), Annie makes her way through the forbidden channels of family history.
Moreover, as marketers place more emphasis on advertising that reaches narrowly defined groups of consumers, the threat to football's dominance could be more nettlesome. CBS, Fox and NBC all have megabucks deals with the NFL that run through 2022.
The powerful symbolism of a face-to-face exchange Saturday between the two leaders could signal progress even though both sides are still working through nettlesome issues that would lead to the opening of embassies in Washington and Havana, the first stage in a new diplomatic relationship.
Financial leaders tend to have nettlesome ideas about budgets and forecasts, to say nothing of wanting to limit litigation spending to about four cents.
This is a nettlesome issue everywhere but it's more complicated on campuses, where all sorts of expression and freedom are being explored.
Apparently, this new build of Android Lollipop has fixed some of the nettlesome bugs.
This is a busy day and a nettlesome one too, from early on until bedtime.
Foremost on their minds is the current state of FilipinoChinese relations, rather nettlesome at the moment due to the conflict over disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).
In this auspicious debut, he brings a distinctive clarity to a nettlesome subject.
The most nettlesome issues in the peace process include the contours of a future Palestinian state, the fate of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements, security and mutual recognition.
The Olympics overlap the first week of early voting, providing a nettlesome distraction and raising the price of television ads.