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the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal

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Former Devils centre Scot Matzka also played for Esbjerg, while their netminder, Mustukovs, played a key role when Sheffield won the Elite League title.
I think he is the best netminder in the league at the moment.
Thirteen is regarded as an unlucky number by many and it certainly was unlucky for the Vipers netminder Robinson a minute into the second period.
However, Simon Leach's side could not find a way past Sharks stand-in netminder Craig Douglas, who made several smart stops.
Mac Faulkner, Mark Smith, Adams and new forward Andrew Lord are the four who have committed, while there are seven to come including the netminder.
Greg Owen slid a crisp pass between the face-off circles which left netminder Michael Crisp stranded, allowing Fulgham to easily put the Blaze into a commanding 2-0 lead.
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The Warriors' man of the match was goalscorer Good, while the Stars' best player on the night was adjudged to be young netminder Kieron Kerry.
They have identified several potential signings and, having put in hours of research on finding a netminder, are doing the same in their quest for a skater.
The Vipers have not only to thank Courtenay but also netminder Andrew Verner, who made 50 saves in regulation and over-time.
It is the first time that Blaze have called on a specialist to work with the netminders in the squad.
His speculative shot from distance bounced high up into the air off Minotaurs netminder Nicole Jackson before dropping down into the goal.
The priority is a netminder, while Devils are also keen to add a forward.
The Canadian netminder was given the award after making 72 saves in last weekend's games against Edinburgh Capitals and Nottingham Panthers.
By the 12th minute much vaunted Vipers netminder Andrew Verner was back on the bench as Coventry, missing Jonathan Weaver with a muscle strain, ran their undisciplined visitors ragged.