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For instance, Huddersfield's flirtation with the Championship's nether regions last term was far too close for comfort and mindful of this, bet365 make them 6/1 to be relegated.
JAMES BOND producers have failed to persuade Daniel Craig to stay - even after strapping him to a table with an electric saw slicing its way to his nether say nether regions.
AND This Morning's Alice Beer on a risque gadget that strengthens women's pelvic floor muscles: "You put it inside you like a tampon, set up an app on your mobile and through Bluetooth it talks to your nether regions and your nether regions talk to your phone.
Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about Goop website, but now if we Actress/health guru Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about her design for life on her Goop website, but now if we don't surrender to her macrobiotic ways and start steam cleaning our nether regions (she actually does this), we might C/nd ourselves hearing that familiar refrain.
Peppered with frank hormonal monologues and frequent references to his nether regions as "The Horn," Sean is your everyday, slacker seventeen-year-old.
And Jennifer Garner read out a post declaring that she resembled the nether regions of a duck.
She joked: "It looks like my nether regions are sponsored by Nike.
8 ( ANI ): Russian gymnast Tatyana Kozhevnikova holds the Guinness World Record for "vagina weightlifting," and can pick up an incredible 14kg kettlebell using just her nether regions
But whether it is because it bears a scary resemblance to the mundane antics of our own living room, or simply because of patriarch Jim's catchphrases and iconic rearranging of his nether regions, this comedy continues to entertain us no end.
Be it some hulking Scots bloke with tree trunk arms and a lobster-red face accidentally dropping an Atlas-sized granite orb on his foot, or some spotty teen whose nether regions suddenly connected rather sharply with his bike's unforgiving metal frame after trying to bunny-hop a log, we'd didn't care.
It looked like the kind of thing that would be featured on the nether regions of the Sky channels, you know, the ones past 900.
ISLAMABAD, October 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Electric bikes may soon be able to go up to 60 miles without any pedalling, thanks to a new fuel cell system by the company SiGNa Chemistry, which uses a magic powder that nullifies the danger of having hydrogen stored next to your nether regions.
I turned my head and walked into a bollard, striking my nether regions so hard that I was doubled over on the pavement for a matter of minutes.
The cutout flap also provides access for cleansing the nether regions of a wearer.
You'd think temperatures of minus 35[bar]c and tales of frost bitten nether regions would be enough to put them off, but no-nothing fazes these two.