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Synonyms for nest






Synonyms for nest

a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young

a kind of gun emplacement

a cosy or secluded retreat

Related Words

a gang of people (criminals or spies or terrorists) assembled in one locality

furniture pieces made to fit close together

inhabit a nest, usually after building

fit together or fit inside

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

gather nests

References in classic literature ?
One day I fortunately chanced to witness a migration from one nest to another, and it was a most interesting spectacle to behold the masters carefully carrying, as Huber has described, their slaves in their jaws.
sanguinea emerge, carrying a pupa; but I was not able to find the desolated nest in the thick heath.
The masters determine when and where a new nest shall be formed, and when they migrate, the masters carry the slaves.
Solomon explained hastily that what he meant was not one of the cumbrous boats that humans use; the proposed boat was to be simply a thrush's nest large enough to hold Peter.
He sleeps in his nest still, and has a fascinating way of curling round in it, for it is just large enough to hold him comfortably when he curls round like a kitten.
But Peter never grows any older, and if we could be watching for him under the bridge to-night (but, of course, we can't), I daresay we should see him hoisting his night-gown and sailing or paddling toward us in the Thrush's Nest.
Of course when Peter landed he beached his barque [small ship, actually the Never Bird's nest in this particular case in point] in a place where the bird would easily find it; but the hat was such a great success that she abandoned the nest.
So he commanded Tip to take off Jack's head and lie down with it in the bottom of the nest, and when this was done he ordered the Woggle-Bug to lie beside Tip.
Perceiving the intruders in their nest the birds flew down upon them with screams of rage.
When we looked at the home security market, we saw a similar landscape to when we entered the thermostat market," said Matt Rogers, Nests founder and chief product officer.
We searched for nests of all bird species occurring on the site from mid-May through July 2012 and mid-May to early August 2013.
Not surprisingly, few nest records exist (n = 234 nests range-wide as of January 2013; USFWS, 2013); most of these nests were recorded only recently, and nearly all (88%) were found during targeted studies on the nesting ecology of this species in south-coastal Alaska.
It is now well established that Black Swifts lay a single egg per nest (Lowther and Collins 2002; Hirshman and others 2007); therefore, if 2 nestlings were collected in 1958, this would suggest 2 active nests were involved.
European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) are known for their generalist ecological requirements and compete for available cavity nest sites with native species.