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someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it

a bird that has built (or is building) a nest

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William Nester, a professor of government and politics at St.
Nester said that Johnson, a DEA agent, also claimed more than $365,000 in lost wages after retiring early, allegedly due to hand injuries sustained in the crash.
Nester acknowledged growth in Upper Bucks County was a tricky blend of balancing the area's agricultural roots and its family farming heritage with demands for growth and development.
London: Forty-three percent of Empty Nesters in Scotland say they are not considering downsizing to a smaller property despite their children having 'flown the nest', as per the latest research from Bank of Scotland.
Nicolas Guillon and Sulaiman Azhar, the co-founders of Nester, seek to address the universal problem of parking.
Nearly half of "empty nesters" whose adult children have left home are not considering moving to a smaller property themselves, a survey has found.
Nester sets out to tell the story of the Seven Years' War from the French perspective, apparently convinced that every English-language history of the war has been told largely through British and American eyes, and that the best books on the subject in French were written over a century ago.
In the latest volume of his study of American power, The Age of Jackson and the Art of Power, William Nester argues that Jackson "dominated his age for many reasons but ultimately because he had mastered the art of power." Defining the art of power as "getting what he wanted, getting others to do what they would otherwise not do, preventing others from doing what they would otherwise do, and taking from others what they would otherwise keep," Nester argues that Jackson married essential elements of Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian ideas of power to create "Jacksonism," which transformed American power through "the assertion of overwhelming, brute force," which, in Nester's view, ultimately damaged the United States (p.
Nester's attempt at categorization is reminiscent of James David Barber's The Presidential Character, which claimed to be able to predict presidential performance by categorizing twentieth century presidents as active-negative, passive-positive, passive negative, and active-positive.
"That takes some intricate planning--to scale down the presence of the branded items as we prepare to on-board the generic items," nester says.
The new associate principal owners are Jonathan Johnson, PE, Willie Nester, PE, Jose Raul Cardenas, Brad Schmiedicke, LEED AP, Rod Mitchell, Dave Brewer, PS, and Blake Collins, PS, civil engineer, Flowood office, is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has five years of experience.
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The Retracta coils are based on the construction of Cook Medical's Nester coils, and use platinum technology to allow soft packing of the coil.
SEC spokesman John Nester said only that "an individual" had raised the allegations.
No lumbering operation was better equipped to build the champion load of logs than the Nester Estate in the Upper Peninsula.