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Synonyms for nescient

Synonyms for nescient

holding that only material phenomena can be known and knowledge of spiritual matters or ultimate causes is impossible


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uneducated in general

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Speaking to Sudan Tribune, Mahgoub Hussein, a founding member of the new group and formerly spokesperson of the SLM-Unity rejected the Addis Ababa group and called on the US envoy to join ongoing initiatives to enhance the nescient SLRF.
If I may borrow one of the more inventive verbal contortions from our fearless and nescient leader, I would say that I seriously "misunder-estimated" the task of illustrating Jump
Perhaps we have always been here--our consciousnesses nescient in those waters, our words unformed on the breeze--awaiting this ripple in time when our thoughts become actions.
He is not a modern day Ernest Hemingway, he is just a benighted, nescient, anthropocentric moron who must be kept away from all animals.
However, this is a nescient market which, until now, has been limited to airlines and medical facilities.