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Synonyms for nescience

the condition of being ignorant; lack of knowledge or learning

the condition of being uninformed or unaware

Synonyms for nescience

ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs)

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Regarding the status of the knowledge circulated in such an environment, I look at the management of visibility as the exploitation of both operational cognizance and nescience.
7) I especially have in mind the quintessential traits of childhood such as portability, fearfulness, nescience, emotionality, reliance, and incomprehension which are also present in adulthood, but are uncharacteristic and occur to a much lesser degree.
These led her to underscore the absolute nescience Jesus experienced on the cross and at his death, but she interpreted this nescience positively, seeing it in the light of his absolute obedience.
image schemas, and close analysis of a necessarily limited number of lyric poems to document Hardy's inward journey into solitariness, moving towards an embrace of nescience (the condition of not knowing) and affirming his monist perspective on the universe's organization.
At fault, the same inadequate ideological training, nescience, and inconsistency of organizers and contestants alike.
actually presuppose[s] also a certain nescience, a ratio, that is immeasurably variable to be sure, of reciprocal concealment" (448).
10) The visual component emerges from the original state of nescience and literally heats up the scene.
Consider for a moment the nescience that helped trigger the downfall of former telecommunications industry darling Research in Motion (RIM).
In nearly every sentence of his letter, Rosenblatt displayed the nescience and scorn that so often guide the minds and the pens of benighted zealots.
Matthias Gross categorizes various forms of unknowns in a typology that includes nescience, nonknowledge, and negative knowledge.
Over the years, Nicholas Kristof has written several New York Times op-eds that have demonstrated an appalling nescience regarding their subject matter.
This nescience combined with a lack of agenda makes Sergey the perfect guide through history.
In particular, there existed a collective nescience concerning the growing ideological links between the most militant jihadist grouping in Southeast Asia, Jemaah Islamiah (JI), and the globalizing network of networks of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda.
It would be my prayer that in the ongoing debate about episcope and episcopacy which needs to take place, one side may hear the desire for proper reverence of God and respect for God's sovereign freedom, while the other side may address valuable 20th-century work on the logic of creation and incarnation for what they disclose about where God wills to be (and here I would add to Love's Endeavour, Love's Expense Karl Rahner's ground-breaking work on the nescience of Jesus in Dogmatic Reflections on the Knowledge and Self Consciousness of Christ).
The Spanish Novel from Perez Galdos to Marias: Tradition and Nescience, Rupture and Europeanization.