nervous exhaustion

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an emotional disorder that leaves you exhausted and unable to work

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As our body realises this and returns to its previous state, the toll this takes on our bodies can lead to nervous exhaustion over time.
A The fact you are experiencing nervous exhaustion could be the reason you are catching cold after cold.
Patton's response to a soldier hospitalized for nervous exhaustion was to slap him and tell him to get back into the field.
Yes, it's that time of year when entire schools decamp for the day to a stately home or theme park to see how many teachers their pupils can bring to the edge of nervous exhaustion.
As one of the many physicians who debated "the woman question," he defended the notion of significant differences between the sexes and argued that an epidemic of neurasthenia, or nervous exhaustion, was rife among women who attempted to exceed their natural limits.
There is nervous exhaustion in the next: Thomas Buddenbrook's neurasthenia with its circulatory and dental ailments and Christian's male, pre-Freudian (hence somatic) hysteria with systemic cramps and paralysis.
Following Buchanan's exit, Amelle Berrabah suffered from nervous exhaustion and now Heidi Range, who had joined the band in 2001, admits she's scared to log onto the group's Twitter.
Summary: The official Sugababes website has announced that Amelle Berrabah is taking a break from the band to be treated for nervous exhaustion.
Things which do produce nervous exhaustion are fear, worry, anxiety and frustration.
They had stayed with us for a week and Maria and I were close to nervous exhaustion.
When 12 o'clock finally arrives, they expire in a heap of nervous exhaustion, relieved that the danger is over for another year.
North American ginseng, "a gentle tonic to be used over a long period of time," relieves nervous dyspepsia and nervous exhaustion from overwork.
The diaries cover the period from May to December 1956, including a period when Eden left the country with nervous exhaustion.
Furst provides a very interesting introduction to the pre-Freudian world, complete with demons and so-called physical manifestations of mental illness, then offers the original reports on nervous exhaustion, sexual psychopathy, aphonia and its treatment by hypnosis, traumatic paralysis, male hysteria, amnesia, and the fixed idea.