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Murison sees Dred as Stowe's effort to express nervous disorders as the psychosomatic cost of slavery.
The annual mental and nervous disorder bill received one hearing each in the House and Senate but did not move further.
Overall, sales of central nervous disorder drugs rose 14% to $307.
Newcastle Magistrates heard Bray, of Leeming Gardens, Gateshead, suffers from depression and a nervous disorder related to serious domestic abuse when he was young.
The sightings, documented in paparazzi-style photos in Japan's freewheeling news magazines, have compounded the impression the Harvard-educated princess - who regularly skips official events because of an unspecified nervous disorder - is taking her palace obligations too lightly.
Its label warns that the immune suppression triggered by the drug can unleash a latent virus that causes a rare nervous disorder.
The singer told Ayr Sheriff Court he could not comply because of a nervous disorder.
Townshend's "Nephritick Cancer" is only peripherally a nervous disorder, of the sort that is the subject of The English Malady.
Karl Tyrala, from Hadrian Lodge, Wallsend, North Tyneside, died from a variation of the nervous disorder Guillain-BarrA Syndrome and a potentially fatal bowel disease normally only seen in babies.
On a positive note, at least I've saved the NHS from having to treat me for any sort of nervous disorder I may have developed if it hadn't been for my new friend: Mr Alcohol.
The ministry conducted a second test on the 282 cows, which showed symptoms of the nervous disorder, using a new testing formula because Japan's first confirmed case of the disease initially tested negative at the institution.
George Beard named the syndrome neurasthenia because he thought it was a nervous disorder with weakness and fatigue.
For starters, it's because the so-called "mainstream press" is not about to tell you that when it comes to abortion, McCain winks so often you'd think he has a nervous disorder.
The answer lies in an emerging nervous disorder known as "globalphobia.
Her therapies were covered under the policy's provision for "mental retardation, psychiatric or nervous disorder," which had a lifetime limit of 25 treatments (a situation similar to that described in my July 1995 column, "Self-Funded Insurance Plans").