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The Addams Family star, who plays a wild sex addict in the movie, used her diet to create the right look as well as the right nerviness.
And then there's the horrible nerviness of the last few moments of any game.
It's easy to play "spot the influence" here, and to marvel at how diligently Marsalis has assimilated the crisp, nerviness of Stravinsky, the schmaltzy Viennese lilt of Mahler, the busy earnestness of Tippett and Hindemith, though I got tired of the game beyond this point.
And then, with an astonishing degree of nutty nerviness, the movie switches gears into a diatribe against female circumcision.
A much lower nerviness was observed for the systems containing highly reinforcing fillers (N330 carbon black and silica) compared to the systems containing low reinforcing fill ers (N550 and N774 carbon blacks).
politics and culture, this pursuit of global market gain-seeking and entrepreneurial, antibureaucratic nerviness is typically represented as base recklessness, or parasitic evasion of responsibility.