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in a brash cheeky manner

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Davis nervily inhabits obsessive and haunted personas, her intonation shifting with unsettling precision from the sly to the sinister.
Nervily, Hall doesn't wink at viewers to make his character likable, though he has some great comic scenes, particularly when Rita rescues him from unwanted sex; his phony rueful reaction is cheeky.
Not surprisingly, he started somewhat nervily, perhaps unsettled by his opponent Kevin Hopper playing barefoot
The beautifully-achieved conclusion here should serve as an object-lesson to composers who take the easy expedient of merely slicing off their music in mid-discourse: William Attwood in his Caillouteux (here receiving its UK premiere), an interesting collision of dynamics and register with a scurrying poltergeist bass clarinet, and Tansy Davies in her nervily interactive Undertow.
The portrait of a young, sweet-looking college boy with a pretty wife facing the Soviets down and nervily avoiding nuclear war gave the crisis an extra terrifying edge then, and endows it with a special poignancy now.
Hitchcock keeps some of this intact-the early scenes between Robert Walker's Bruno and Farley Granger's Guy are nervily, disconcertingly flirtatious-but refuses to explore it further.