nerve gas

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a toxic gas that is inhaled or absorbed through the skin and has harmful effects on the nervous and respiratory system

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The hearing into the death of airman Ronald Maddison in 1950s sarin experiments at Porton Down was told that the tests continued to take place after Government minister Duncan Sandys suspended all nerve gas tests.
Leading RAF Aircraftsman Maddison was the first person to die in the trials of the nerve gas sarin at the chemical weapons reasearch centre in Wiltshire, and yesterday it emerged that all experiments then ceased, with Churchill informed of the decision.
In 1995,around 3,000 people were rushed to hospital and 12 died when sarin nerve gas containers were detonated on the Tokyo underground.
Yokoyama is one of five current and former AUM members accused of actually releasing the deadly nerve gas on subway trains March 20, 1995.
For example, it has said that as many as 100,000 troops may have been exposed to sarin nerve gas emitted from a demolished Iraqi bunker.
Washington, June 3 (ANI): Chemists with the United States military have developed a set of ultra-strength cleaners that can get rid of nerve gas, mustard gas, radioactive isotopes, and anthrax, after a terrorist attack.
Hashimoto's death sentence was upheld for his involvement in two murder cases -- the Matsumoto sarin gas attack and an attack on anti-AUM lawyer Tsutsumi Sakamoto and his family -- as well as his involvement in building a plant to mass-produce nerve gas.
An inquest on a County Durham airman who died following secret nerve gas tests has been told that his death was an accident waiting to happen.
A roadside bomb filled with sarin nerve gas went off beside an army convoy, the US said yesterday.
Mr Maddison died in 1953 after 200mg of sarin nerve gas was dripped on to his arm in tests.
BEFORE the war, British and American troops massing on the Kuwait border were shown wearing sophisticated, protective masks in readiness for a nerve gas or chemical attack.
He and his colleagues now plan to test whether a coating might break down nerve gas on military vehicles as they sit in the sun.
Explosions at Van Nuys Airport triggered a make-believe cloud of sarin nerve gas Tuesday as part of an anti-terrorism training drill, the largest of its kind in the nation.
The AUM Shinrikyo cult's guru Shoko Asahara's 12 court appointed lawyers continued their cross examinations of witnesses and evidence on a nerve gas attack in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, before the Tokyo District Court on Thursday as the trial began its 100th session.