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Scientists carried out a computer analysis of databases containing detailed information of worldwide anatomical studies on primate and worm brains, and found that long nerve fibre connections were just as vital to overall brain function as short ones.
You are starving the nerve fibres of nutritious oxygen," New Scientist quoted Efron as saying.
The researchers have revealed that the skin has specialised nerve fibres called called CT nerves (C-tactile), which travel directly to the areas in the brain that are important in the emergence of feelings.
Following the onset of arthritis in the rats, however, these fibres began to sprout into the inflamed skin over the joint and wrap around the pain-sensing nerve fibres instead.
They showed that the nerve fibres could be guided to their correct targets using a particular growth factor - a biological chemical that promotes growth.
The team has found that a bacterial enzyme called chondroitinase can digest molecules within scar tissue to allow some nerve fibres to regrow It also promotes nerve plasticity, which means that any remaining undamaged nerve fibres have an increased likelihood of making new connections to bypass the area of damage.
In MS, the immune system attacks myelin damaging it and stripping it of the nerve fibres, leaving scars known as lesions or plaques.
Origin, course, and endings of abnormal enteric nerve fibres in Hirschsprung's disease defined by whole-mount immunohistochemistry.
Once the nerve fibres are reconnected, the tubing dissolves away.
The breakthrough came after tests on adult rats, conducted by a team of scientists based at the National Institute for Medical Research, confirmed that severed nerve fibres located in the spinal cord could be reunited with the brain.
Tests on adult rats, by a team of scientists based at the National Institute for Medical Research, confirmed severed nerve fibres could be re-engaged with the brain.
The source of the increased CGRP was thought to be certain types of sensory nerve fibres in the skin that normally make and release a type or "isoform" called CGRP-alpha.
After the animals were exposed to very rapid movements nerve fibres to their brains were found to have snapped.
Washington, Mar 15 (ANI): Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have identified a protein crucial for maintaining the health and function of nerve fibres in brain that controls transmission of messages within the brain.
Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh have identified a mechanism essential for regenerating insulating layers- known as myelin sheaths-that protect nerve fibres in the brain.