nerve compression

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harmful pressure on a nerve (especially in nerves that pass over rigid prominences)

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"For people using keyboards, there is usually a complex of syndromes that occurs from the neck down to the hands, any or all of which can mimic carpal tunnel syndrome." Some of these include cervical radiculopathy (where the nerves in the neck become compressed), thoracic outlet syndrome (where the muscles become tight and compress on the brachial plexus), and several nerve compression syndromes in the upper arm and forearm.
Ulnar nerve compression by heterotopic ossification in a head-injured patient.
Vrionis, "Contralateral femoral nerve compression: an unrecognized complication after extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF)," Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, vol.
The acute stages of nerve compression are thought to be primarily vascular with damage to the blood-nerve barrier endoneurial capillaries leading to edema and increase in fluid pressure [17].
Degenerative disease of the lumbar spine is often caused by compression of neural elements, which results in radicular pain and neurogenic claudication, weakness, numbness/tingling, and pain in the lower back/buttocks.[sup][1],[2] Decompression of the spinal canal (DSC) is a common surgical procedure employed for various diseases of the lumbar spine, such as lumbar disc herniation (LDH), spinal stenosis (SS), and lumbar spondylolisthesis to alleviate intraspinal compression and subsequently relieve symptoms of nerve compression.[sup][3] However, DSC often involves the internal vertebral venous plexuses, as well as soft tissue in vertebral/paravertebral regions, and can cause massive blood loss from surgical wounds.
via phenolic glycolipid-1 and/or lipoarabinomannan) predisposes the nerves to ischemia from inflammation, trauma, and/or mechanical stressors such as nerve compression at specific locations of anatomic narrowing (e.g.
Historically, Brooks described three cases of peroneal nerve compression due to ganglia in 1952.5
Aside from obvious accelerated implant wear and surrounding tissue damage, complications from retained cement are dependent upon the position of the fragment and can include iliopsoas tendonitis, (2) femoral nerve compression, (3) and groin pain.
Ulnar nerve compression in cyclists, also known as Guyon Canal Syndrome (GCS), was first reported by Eckman et al in 1975.
Dwyer also specializes in the treatment of nerve compression such as Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Syndrome, management tendon pathology such as Trigger Finger, treatment of degenerative arthritis of the hand and wrist, and traumatic injuries, including management of fractures and nerve or tendon injuries.
Nerve compression of the sciatic nerve by a slipped disc or bony outgrowth on the edges of the lumber vertebrae.
Right leg was kept elevated above the heart level to reduce nerve compression by hematoma.
[24-27] It typically affects the median nerve and the brachial artery, or both, but several cases of ulnar nerve compression exist as well.