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"This nerve centre manages a tremendous amount of digital traffic every second.
"Al-Qaeda in Pakistan clearly remains a nerve centre of the organisation, remains dangerous.
IN connection with a report in the Chronicle about a new Metro nerve centre being fitted, it goes on to say that, according to Nexus, there is one train every three minutes at peak rush hours.
Located almost exactly at the centre of Germany, Leipzig was chosen for its auspicious geography (easy connections with BMW's Munich nerve centre) and its skilled but languishing workforce (125 000 people applied for jobs at the plant).
It is not the office itself that forms the nerve centre of Ionic Engineering Ltd.
Not only does the building give off the feeling of freedom; it looks like a nerve centre. And it is.
It is also the nerve centre for 130 home-based ALI inspectors and around 850 associate inspectors.
EMERGENCY-planning teams gathered at Ireland's nuclear disaster nerve centre yesterday for an exercise in how to deal with a radioactive accident in Britain.
The Johannesburg nerve centre of one of the most notorious, widespread and successful scams has finally been put out of business.
As the nerve centre of any weighing system it can interface hi-directionally with a PC thus functioning as an intelligent system terminal.
Their mini-tour include a visit to Morrison's in Belfast on April 26 and the Nerve Centre in Derry City on Saturday, April 28 .
Specialist Computer Holdings has become the nerve centre of a huge Europe-wide business empire following a pounds 115 million takeover.
Motorola, one of Scotland's biggest employers, will effectively close its East Kilbride nerve centre for a week in August.
FRIDAY DERRY HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR Donegal indie-rock group Sheerbuzz and Derry five-piece rock/blues outfit Charity Shop Vinyl join forces for a co-headline gig at the legendary Nerve Centre. Support comes from Letterkenny's Happy Out and Derry's newest punks No Collusion.