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At least 15 dash-boards enable police to monitor all the incoming calls and police dispatch from nerve center.
The Nerve Center, situated in New York, manages the news organization's worldwide coverage in text, broadcast, photos and interactives.
Bottlenose customers today use Nerve Center in real-time brand marketing, but the company expects Trend Intelligence will become a strategic advantage across multiple enterprise functions, as real-time pressures build in sales, support, and human resources.
In the appeal for grammar, you gaze over your monitor at your success, the intoxication of the world coming in and out of this nerve center where you braid the strands in words so indelibly perfect that it is scary to think of this humanity, words as clear as the invisible.
BrainsGate's technology involves electrical stimulation of the Spheno-Palatine Ganglion (SPG), a nerve center located above the roof of the mouth.
I already met with new Speaker Nancy Pelosi -- it's nice to be able to say that -- and talked about the needs of the major cities,'' Villaraigosa said at a news conference in the city's ATSAC Center, the nerve center of the Department of Transportation.
The communications center serves as the nerve center from which MFS monitors and remotely controls its fiber optics network and switch sites.
There has been high demand in the technology community for a centralized nerve center where individuals and organizations can gather for innovation and collaboration," said Terry Howerton, ITA's chairman and FastRoot Technology's (www.
City leaders broke ground on the public safety complex in January, touting it as a key nerve center in the event of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.
5 Penn Plaza -- nerve center for CNN and UPI, two worldwide news gathering organizations -- is being transformed into one of the most modern communications and high technology centers in the city, announced Edward S.
For one day only, Geek Squad, 24-hour computer Support Task Force([R]), today opened the doors to its high-security computer repair facility and operational nerve center, Geek Squad City, as it celebrated its official opening.
The key to recycling these types of materials starts in the kitchen, the nerve center of the house,'' said Chris Fall, public sector services manager for Blue Barrel Disposal.
Under Antiochus IV, the religious nerve center for the Jewish people, the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was ransacked and defiled.