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The synapses generated in this study are virtually identical to their natural counterparts except the 'receiving' side of the synapse is an artificial plastic rather than another nerve cell or the target tissue itself.
The chemicals then lock onto receptors (docking sites) located on neighboring nerve cells (see diagram).
Nerve cells that process visual information, for instance, produced a considerably higher number of new cell contacts if the flow of information from their "own" eye was temporarily blocked.
By the time those overt signs become apparent, however, a great deal of damage to the nerve cells has already been done, says David Eidelberg, a neurologist at New York University School of Medicine.
We are developing tissue engineering ways to regenerate nerve cells and to release drugs in very selective ways," Fishman said.
Scientists have known for a decade that nerve cells make neuregulins that induce the growth of nearby glial cells.
Hormone fluctuations over the course of a woman's menstrual cycle change the abundance of a particular type of receptor on the surface of nerve cells, say scientists.
It was while using this technology to investigate the cells of ALS patients that Schubert detected a cell surface protein cluster that is not observed in healthy individuals and that may be involved in abnormal cell-cell contacts between Immune cells and nerve cells.
Drawing upon that oddity, scientists since the early 1900s argued that anesthetics suppress brain function by dissolving into and altering the structure of lipid-based membranes of nerve cells.
A protein that removes excessive amount of the amino acid glutamate from around nerve cells may protect a brain from tumors, according to two studies.
The changes in nerve cell shape and biochemistry that underlie neuropathic pain unfold in well-understood ways.
In the July 31 Nature, Lu, Hunter, and their colleagues report that mice with an inactive Pin1 gene suffer nerve cell loss in the spinal cord and brain as the animals age.
Researchers have discovered one of the factors behind nerve cell death in Parkinson's disease, unlocking the potential for new treatment to slow the progression of this fatal neurodegenerative disorder.
As they snake through the brain, nerve cell tendrils called axons use the brain's stiffness to guide them on their challenging journey, a study of frog nerve cells suggests.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers develop a computer model to explain how nerve cell connections form in the visual cortex.