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ornately marked and brightly colored snails of brackish waters

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Tres generos, Biomphalaria, Neritina y Pyrgophorus, se comparten con Nicaragua (Perez et al.
neritina were collected from marinas in Tel Aviv and Herzelia, Israel (Mediterranean Sea).
Wendt, "Effect of larval swimming duration on growth and reproduction of Bugula neritina (Bryozoa) under field conditions," Biological Bulletin, vol.
Bryostatins are a group of macrolide lactones first isolated in the 1960s by George Pettit from extracts of a species of bryozoan, Bugula neritina. The structure of bryostatin 1 was determined in 1982.
The olive nerite snail, Neritina reclivata, is irregularly distributed along coastal regions in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea (Lehman and Hamilton, 1981).
Preliminary studies of secondary metabolites from seaweeds have shown biological activity against bacteria (Sieburth and Conover, 1965), Mytilus edulis larvae (Katsuoka et al., 1990), bryozoan (Bugula neritina) larvae (Schmitt et al., 1995) and Balanus amphitrite larvae (Willemsen, 1994).
Another chemotherapeutic agent is Bryostatin-1(Bryo-1) which is a macrocyclic lactone isolated from the marine bryozoan Bugula neritina. It is an activator of the serine-threonine kinase PKC, an enzyme involved in diverse cellular processes including cell proliferation, differentiation, and stimulus--response coupling (24), (25).
Floods, habitat hydraulics and upstream migrations of Neritina virginea (Gastropoda: Neritidae) in the northeastern Puerto Rico.