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relating to the region of shallow water adjoining the seacoast

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1986) and Speijer, (1994), the overall paleodepth for the Panoba Formation is interpreted to be neritic to upper bathyal as represented by the occurrence of Loxostomum applinae.
The productivity of planktonic foraminifera was higher in open pelagic waters and that of benthonic foraminifera was higher in a shallow neritic environment (Van Der Zwaan, 1982; Van Morkhoven et al.
The benthic foraminiferal studied of Miliolidae family shows a shelf outer neritic (0-50 m.
Geological structure around this epicenter is formed by undifferentiated volcanic rocks, neritic limestone, schist and clastic rocks.
The marine dinoflagellate genus Dinophysis (Dinophyceae): photosynthetic, neritic and non-photosynthetic, oceanic species.
Expert Consultation to Examine Changes in Abundance and Species Composition of Neritic Fish Resources, San Jose (Costa Rica), 18 Apr 1983.
After a variable amount of time in the epipelagic zone, many of these turtles return as juveniles and sub-adults (large juveniles) to nearshore waters and inhabit the neritic zone (Bjorndal et al.
There are nearly 500 species of sharks (2); sharks are found in every major ocean, including the deep sea, oceanic, neritic, and coastal environments (3).
sierra, is a vagile neritic epipelagic species, which forms large schools and migrates seasonally for feeding and spawning.
Warm-water neritic carbonates are discussed by Brian Jones.
36 genera and 140 species of clingfishes distributed mainly in the neritic zones of oceans of the world, with few species in freshwater habitats (Nelson, 2006).
As well as that of the Caborca Zone (Keller and Wellings, 1922; Cevallos-Ferriz, 1981), the cover of the San Luis Zone is made up by neritic, and partly intertidal, deposits.
Pillai, director of Kochi's Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, in a paper published recently, estimated that annual average coastal and neritic tuna landings along the mainland from 19942006 were 47,573 tons.