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relating to the region of shallow water adjoining the seacoast

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Thus, 3749 demersal and pelagic trawls at different geographical positions were examined resulting in 726 new records of scypho- and cubomedusae from neritic and oceanic environments (0 to 2500 m depth) gathered between 32-60[degrees]S and 34-70[degrees]W, encompassing an area of ca.
Analysis of the lithofacies combined with the microfossil data suggests that these sediments were deposited in an open shallow marine (middle to inner neritic) and transitional intertidal environments.
The biofacies analysis suggests that Panoba Formation was deposited in a variety of settings ranging from middle neritic zone to upper bathyal zone environments.
Marine mammals are usually found in waters with high densities of their main prey species (Bowen et al., 2002), and frequently associated with oceanic and neritic frontal areas (Haney, 1986; Guinet et al., 2001; Ainley et al., 2005; Campagna et al., 2006; Rodriguez et al., 2013).
The Salt Range region of Pakistan predominantly contributed neritic carbonate production in Eocene times.
They have been considered as indicators of normal marine conditions, relatively shallow and well-oxygenated (Murray, 1989; Stam, 1985), whereas Tyszka (2001) pointed out that they can occur in a wide variety of environments but are dominant in assemblages from inner to middle neritic zones.
A number of international companies have requested performing oil and gas exploration in the Lebanese sea, after oil experts had announced the availability of large amounts of these two elements in the Neritic zone between Lebanon, Israel, and Cyprus.
The abundant Miliolidae species shows shelf outer neritic (0-50 m.) hypersaline shallow water condition.
Geological structure around this epicenter includes neritic and lacustrine limestone, marl, shale etc.
Juveniles of the green, hawksbill, olive ridley and loggerhead turtles usually migrate from ocean areas to neritic environments, where they complete their development and where there is greater food availability (Bolten, 2003).
Generally speaking, box jellyfish are neritic species inhabiting a variety of environments, including mangrove roots, kelp forests, and coral reefs.
and Babek, O.: 2010, Fine-grained non-carbonate particles embedded in neritic to pelagic limestones (Lochkovian to Emsian, Prague Synform, Czech Republic): composition, provenance and links to magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray logs.
Sanchez, "Fish predation on neritic ctenophores from the Argentine continental shelf: a neglected food resource?" Fisheries Research, vol.
The marine dinoflagellate genus Dinophysis (Dinophyceae): photosynthetic, neritic and non-photosynthetic, oceanic species.