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(Greek mythology) any of the 50 sea nymphs who were daughters of the sea god Nereus

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But most of Les Nereides' bijoux remind me of Edith Ogden's work.
nHead off to the sunny island of Crete this Easter and stay at the comfortable Nereides Apartments, in the seaside village of Almirida, to the west of the island.
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In the closing stanza, having relinquished the zither, Achilles stands and listens to his horses, and "piu lontano il pianto / delle Nereidi, e dentro i lor singhiozzi / senti piu trista, si ma piu sommessa, / la voce della sua cerulea madre." (11.152-155) ["to the more distant weeping / of the Nereides. Amid their sobbings / he heard, sadder, yes, but softer, / the voice of his cerulean mother."] (15) The dominant tone of the poem is, precisely, "triste" and "sommesso." The Homeric hero appears not in his militant, virile role as warrior but as sad, alone, almost Christ-like in his expectation of death.
(6) While Boucher's rococo "divinites, ses nymphes, ses nereides, ses femmes nues" are always first and foremost "des femmes deshabillees" (in other words, true, physical women), Greuze's "moral" painting conceals "une certain corruption, elle est essentiellement sensuelle, sensuelle par le fond et par la forme, par la composition, le dessin, la touche meme" (Goncourt, Art 1: 145, 325).
The fault is explicit in Andromede: Andromede's mother Cassiope boasted that her daughter was more beautiful than the Nereides; in La Toison d'or the original fault is never made clear, but, as we noted, Aete is indeed responsible for the loss of the Golden Fleece.
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Fluently his waves trace each dimple of his nereides' limbs and splash across their bright eminences.
pas un coquillage le long de ce bord ou les Nereides avaient choisi la conque de Cypris.