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a powerful person who shows favoritism to relatives or close friends

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They know that as soon as their peoples do not have these external enemies, they will start asking questions of these secular autocratic or Islamist authoritarian, but always of kleptocratic, nepotist, perverted, ineffective and impotent regimes.
Open-air tuna tar Omani Sulu's inamorata, nutria nepotist Noddy Sonatina-Dias!"
"The political leadership is inept, nepotist, all it cares about is clinging to power," he said.
Lam Akol, but from my keen observation and knowledge about this man, I can assure you that his most closed relative have not been happy with him in most cases because he gives what they see as their merits to others so that he is not seen as a tribalist, nepotist nor corruptist.
Simonist, pluralist, nepotist, and sensualist, Alexander was also a doting father who worked hard to divert church resources to the needs of nine grasping children and the project of a family-run state.
(59) According to Ndikumana, "[t]hese countries have promoted nepotist and dictatorial political systems that reward ethnic identity rather than merit while miserably failing to protect the rights and interests of the individual and minority groups." (60) Population pressure "is only a scapegoat for people willing to put the blame of failed development policies on rural populations." (61)
That theory has now been largely discredited, however, by CIA analysts, who also claim that the pistol-packing nepotist is dead but attribute reports that he is still alive to a hologram projected in selected town and village squares on market day by fanatic loyalist scientists.