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a syndrome characterized by edema and large amounts of protein in the urine and usually increased blood cholesterol

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Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients progress to end stage renal disease, requiring transplant or dialysis.
As nephrotic syndrome progresses, often the kidney tissue itself becomes progressively scarred.
The classic prototype of NS is minimal-change nephrotic syndrome (MCNS), in which case there is no identifiable cause.
Nephrotic syndrome in the first year of life: Two thirds of cases are caused by mutations in 4 genes (NPHS1, NPHS2, WT1, and LAMB2).
FSGS is one of the causes of Nephrotic Syndrome (NS), which may also arise from diabetes, cancer, amyloidosis, lupus, vasculitic disorders and other conditions.
A diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome was made in the patient who had hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia.
We report a case of spontaneous compartment syndrome in association with nephrotic syndrome.
Three-year-old Dylan Davies-Abbott was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syn drome, a disease which causes the body's immune system to attack the kidneys.
This case was quite different from the classical picture in which patients with FMF usually have profound proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and symptomatic nephrotic syndrome along with normal-sized or enlarged kidneys.
Prasher et al assessed the efficacy of enalapril in controlling proteinuria in steroid-resistant idiopathic nephrotic syndrome and found that enalapril exerted a long-lasting effect (26).
After mentioning the most important conditions that must be present for the treatment of'Water illnesses' (shuibing) and especially for the treatment of oedemas and swellings using the xue, he describes the successful therapy of four patients suffering from cardiac oedema, hepatic oedema, nephrotic oedema and depletive oedemas.
The study named "Disruption of PTPRO Causes Childhood-Onset Nephrotic Syndrome" has been published in the latest edition of The American Journal of Human Genetics as well.
A Patients with severe nephrotic syndrome, on rare occasions, may present with an albumin level less than 1 g/dL.
Urinalysis showed nephrotic range proteinuria (375 mg/kg/d) and microscopic haematuria.