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a syndrome characterized by edema and large amounts of protein in the urine and usually increased blood cholesterol

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73m2 * Vascular disease * Surgery * Diabetes * Age over 75 * Dehydration * Heart failure * Cirrhosis or nephrosis * Two contrast studies within 72 hours * Hypertension * Proteinuria * Current use of NSAIDs * Intra-arterial injection of contrast * Contrast medium at high doses When Do We Think about Prevention?
Heart disease (652,486), cancer (553,888), stroke (150,074), chronic lower respiratory tract diseases (121,987), unintentional injuries (112,012), diabetes (73,138), Alzheimer's disease (65,965), influenza/pneumonia (59,664), renal disease (nephritis, nephritic syndrome, and nephrosis, 42,480), septicemia (33,373), suicide (32,439), chronic liver disease and cirrhosis (27,013), primary hypertension and hypertensive renal disease (23,076), Parkinson's (17,989), and homicide (17,757) accounted for 83.
The management decision included consideration of both the risk of clot propagation in a patient with ongoing nephrosis and the risk of post-biopsy renal haemorrhage.
Although these authors did not specify the type of disorders found, they suggest that they could be related to those suffered by workers also exposed to chronic vibrations, including, in women, conditions such as displaced genital organs and bladder and, in men, nephrosis, twisted ureter, frequent prostatitis, and diseases of the urinary tract.
If a child presents to your office with edema, pleural effusion, and normal blood pressure, think idiopathic nephrosis.
The youngsters died from complications associated with congenital nephrosis, a killer condition that affects the kidneys leaving the body unable to process protein.
A patient with high triglycerides should prompt a search for components of the "metabolic syndrome" and secondary causes, including high dietary fat, high alcohol intake, drugs (steroids, beta-blockers, high-estrogen oral contraceptives), medical conditions (hypothyroidism, nephrosis, renal failure, liver disease, Cushing disease, and lupus), and rare familial dyslipidemias.
dagger]) These include STIs other than HIV/AIDS, iron-deficiency anemia among women aged 15-44, breast cancer, ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer, and genitourinary diseases, excluding nephritis and nephrosis.
Mrs Mosley was born with a rare congenital kidney disease called nephrosis, which left her prone to infections and without much of an appetite.
It is decreased in malignancies, nephrosis, inflammation, chronic disease, starvation, megaloblastic and hemolytic anemias, and hemochromatosis.
Differential diagnosis for this child should focus on understanding the etiology of the presenting abdominal distention and edema and should include: (a) abdominal mass, (b) constipation, (c) bowel obstruction, (d) nephrosis, and (e) nephritis.
Among the 10 leading causes of death in 1997 for persons age 65 or over, non-Hispanic black persons had death rates that were approximately twice as high as non-Hispanic white persons for diabetes mellitus and nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis.
Mesangioproliferative glomerulonephritis of light to moderate severity was observed in apparently normal pigtailed macaques (Macaca nemestrina), and the tubular nephrosis was the lesion most frequently found (Boyce et al.