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kidney disease that is usually associated with hypertension

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Thus, the Pb chronic intoxication was associated with nephrosclerosis and cortical atrophy [4].
Nephrosclerosis and glomerulonephritis were the main causes of renal disease in approximately one-half and one-third of the HD patients, respectively.
The additional diagnoses were most commonly diabetic nephropathy (28 cases) or hypertensive nephrosclerosis (11 cases).
agenesis or nephrosclerosis, hiatus hernia, facial dysmorphia, and epiglottic hypoplasia.
Co-morbid disease: Diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephrosclerosis
Brief treatment with the ACE inhibitor delapril or the angiotensin II receptor antagonist candesartan significantly lowered blood pressure and suppressed development of proteinuria and nephrosclerosis in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats, compared with those treated with placebo or the vasodilator hydralazine (J.
68 years old, has ESRD secondary to hypertensive nephrosclerosis and has been on hemodialysis for the past three years.
Results: Our study shows the advantage of early surgical correction of congenital hydronephrosis for preventing renal parenchyma atrophy, nephrosclerosis development, and urinary tract infection.
The patient was diagnosed with chronic renal failure secondary to hypertensive nephrosclerosis and prescribed hemodialysis and blood transfusions.
His acute renal failure (Table 1) was treated with hemodialysis; it was attributed to acute tubular necrosis from dehydration and intravascular hemolysis, superimposed on chronic renal insufficiency from hypertensive nephrosclerosis.
Morgan (1993), "Clinical Features of Benign Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis at Time of Renal Biopsy," Q.
Breakthrough investigations of the past few years on stem/progenitor cell involvement in organ regeneration caused a conceptual shift in tackling the mechanisms of nephrosclerosis.
There is currently little and controversial evidence for the use of ACE inhibitors and ARBs as agents to prevent the onset of albuminuria and progression of renal disease in patients with microalbuminuria other than in hypertensive nephrosclerosis.
She had arteriolar nephrosclerosis and an atherosclerotic aorta.
Comparison of cross-sectional renal function measurements in African Americans with hypertensive nephrosclerosis and of primary formulas to estimate glomerular filtration rate.