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Describe clinical characteristics of acute nephropathia epidemica associated with Puumala virus hantavirus infection, based on a cross-sectional prospective survey.
Hantavirus genome in patients with nephropathia epidemica: correlation of PCR positivity with HLA haplotype and link to viral sequences in local rodents.
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Evaluation of Puumala virus IgG and IgM enzyme immunoassays based on recombinant baculovirus-expressed nucleocapsid protein for early nephropathia epidemica diagnosis.
glareolus) in Belgium have led to outbreaks of nephropathia epidemica, a mild form of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome caused by Puumala hantavirus (31).
In Germany, the most common hantaviral disease is nephropathia epidemica (NE), which is associated with Puumala virus (PUUV) infection (7,8).
Puumala virus (PUUV) is the etiologic agent of nephropathia epidemica, a mild form of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS).
Puumala virus (PUUV), which is spread in large areas of Europe, causes a milder form of HFRS called nephropathia epidemica (2).