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any of the small tubules that are the excretory units of the vertebrate kidney

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The research collaboration with Nephron will position UofSC to develop state-of-the-art sterile compounding methods benefiting hospitals throughout South Carolina and the nation.
These ions are then carried back deep into the renal medulla, where they create a hypertonic environment in the fluid surrounding the nephron. About 25 per cent of sodium is reabsorbed here --this is the key mechanism by which the body can produce urine that is more concentrated than body fluids.
Ernst & Young has recognised Nephron Pharmaceuticals' president and CEO Lou Kennedy with the Health Care Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southeast at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta, it was reported on Friday.
In kidney, AQP1 is localized in the plasma membranes of proximal tubules, descending thin limbs of Henle's loop and descending vasa recta where it appears to be the main site for water reabsorption in the proximal nephron (Nielsen et al.; Zhai et al.; Kortenoeven & Fenton).
Most young adults start out with approximately 1 million nephrons in each kidney.
Although the formation of nephron is completed by 35-36 weeks of gestation, glomerular and tubular growth continues in the first eighteen months of postnatal life [3].
Those that are destined to become podocytes first differentiate into nephron progenitor-like cells.
For example, increased expression of the TNF[alpha], TGF[beta], and PDGF has been observed in cells infiltrating the peritubular area of the distal nephron [12].
In parallel with ChC, collecting duct carcinoma is also uncommon and is believed to arise from the distal nephron, yet, in contrast to the majority of ChC, CDC pertains a poor prognosis.
Reddy's Laboratories LTD., Essential Oxygen, GSK, Henry Schein, Inc., Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Kaleo Pharma, Mylan, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Prestige Brands, Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Sundial Brands, Teva Pharmaceuticals, USA, Trividia Health, Vaseline, and We Care Solar.
However, chronic maternal CsA treatment during pregnancy can cause fetal side effects,[sup][2] and prenatal exposure to CsA has been shown to induce the vacuolation of proximal tubular cells and impair distal nephron differentiation in newborn rats.[sup][3] Moreover, CsA exposure to embryonic kidneys can produce potential defect in nephrogenesis.[sup][4]
Some of the major players operating in the global nasal spray market are Sandoz International, Catalent , Pfizer, AptarGroup, Inc., Nastech pharmaceutical, Adapt Pharma, Inc, Mylan N.V, Innovus pharmaceuticals, Allergan PLC, Nephron pharmaceutical corporation, Cipla ltd, Meda pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sunovion pharmaceuticals, Teva respiratory, Llc., Apotexcorp, Novartis, Valent pharmaceuticals international, Inc.
In the comics, Clive was an imprisoned career criminal who agreed to undergo an experiment called the Nephron Process after realizing that he had no chance for release.