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an amphibole mineral consisting of calcium magnesium silicate in monoclinic crystalline form

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The second chapter focuses on nephrite end-uses, the third one gives summary on a number of patents.
O'Brien looks to have excellent prospects of a treble and he could also strike with Nephrite in the Loughbrown Stakes.
Aidan O'Brien's saddles the impressive Curragh winner Nephrite, Vault and Ishvana in the seven-furlong prize, while Seanie, While You Wait and Aaraas complete the field.
Three gas development wells (Hackett-2, Nephrite South-9 and Dilchee-4) were drilled in the SA sector of the Cooper Basin (Beach 20.
On the Moh scale of hardness, nephrite measures 6 to 6.
Back at Dish, Mosley clasps a finger, adorned with a ring from his nephrite jade collection, around his espresso cup as I return to the uncomfortable question of comparative discrimination.
This is a form of nephrite jade, here suffused, as white jade often is, with the very faintest hint of celadon green.
Jade is a cultural term for two rare metamorphic rocks known as jadeitite and nephrite that are both extremely tough and have been used as tools and talismans throughout the world.
48: What name is usually used for the mineral nephrite in its use as an ornamental stone?
The word jade refers to either of two different stones, jadeite and nephrite.
Nephrite et arthrite saturnine; coincidences de ces affections; parallele ave la nephrite et l'arthrite goutteuses.
The rooms at the Dulwich exhibition glow with the silver-gilt accessories of tea-drinkin g, as well as pure gold utensils such as his teapot and grandiose toasting fork; with his scintillating porcelain and his jewelled spoons wrought from nephrite, agate, cornelian and other semi-precious stones.
He also noted a jade obelisk, more than 8 feet tall, carved by a single boulder of deep green Yukon nephrite in Canada.