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a measuring instrument that uses a grid for measuring the altitude, direction, and velocity of movement of clouds

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(2014) provide an excellent review of the need for global wind measurements and argue that the measurement of the three-dimensional global wind field is the final frontier that must be crossed to significantly improve the initial conditions for numerical weather forecasts, and quote WMO as determining that global wind profiles are "essential for operational weather forecasting on all scales and at all latitudes." Assimilation of additional wind observations from the 94-GHz radar on the proposed future Wind Velocity Radar Nephoscope (WIVERN) satellite into weather forecast models should significantly improve weather prediction skill, allowing better focus of mitigation activities with respect to timing, location, and assignment of resources.
Design a nephoscope (cloud-direction indicator), and see for yourself!
Now position your nephoscope so that its heading for north aligns with the compass.
Do the clouds you see in your nephoscope move in the same direction as the wind around you?