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Synonyms for neotenous

of or relating to or characterized by neoteny


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We like to give the impression that we're liberated, but it's a constricted, neotenous version.
Since then, they have worked together to create anamorphic and neotenous projects ranging from living aquaculture orbs to stuffed animals, pinatas, and suk kahs.
The development of the neocortex and the neuroplasticity, made possible by neotenous regression, allowed the human child to reach the minimum brain volume (750 cc) necessary for language wiring by the age of one, five years earlier than Homo erectus whose 'neuroplasticity' window of opportunity by then was closed.
McCarthy's Neotenous Killers', discusses Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian (1985) from the point of view of evolutionary theories and popular ethology.
That we are always in a state of development we owe to our neotenous nature.