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a synthetic rubber that is resistant to oils and aging

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* The recent popularity of neoprene has created a demand in the home-sewing community, prompting some traditional fabric stores to carry it.
Neoprene is reportedly a synthetic rubber used for many chemical and weather-resistant products.
Popeline shirt dress and neoprene blouson with Lesage embroidered Swarovski crystals Opposite: Neoprene jacket and culotte with Lesage embroidered Swarovski crystals.
"I thought it was super sophisticated and pretty, in the sense that she (Niemeyer) managed to place all the forms and volumes, working the shoulders using a type of slightly rigid neoprene, and bringing out the shape of the body, which is difficult," fashion consultant Costanza Pascolato told EFE.
Advanced and flexible Neoprene fabric provides instant therapeutic warmth and support.
Calls from other networks and mobiles may vary LINES OPEN 8AM TO 8PM SEVEN DAYS A WEEK POST TO: Daily Record Offer, PO BOX 87, Brecon LD3 3BE Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms) Initials Surname Address Please send me Code Qty Price Total Neoprene Ankle Boots S031 PS19.99 Neoprene Wellingtons S032 PS29.99 POSTAGE AND PACKING PS3.95 Grand Total I enclose a crossed cheque/PO for the amount of PS...........
Every dog subject to hunting in water should be fitted with a neoprene hunting vest.
Diphenylthiourea is a substance that is used in the production of rubber, including the neoprene rubber that is used in mouse mats, wetsuits, knee protectors and other products with which we have close and frequent contact.
The new belts last much longer and handle the heat better than the older neoprene formulations.
RELAXING A dining room where the red of the wallpaper creates a cosy atmosphere, from The Colourful Home, by Vinny Lee PURPLE REIGN A room decorated in shades of dusky purple, from The Colourful Home, by Vinny Lee FLOWER POWER Julio neoprene and satin cushion, pounds 61.70 and Aliette neoprene cushion, pounds 69.90, Lelievre IN THE PINK A room with a colour scheme inspired by a circular picture (on the wall), which provides a palette of pastel pink for the walls and rose pink and red for the rug.
It's the original American work boot with a neoprene upper.
In order to protect themselves from serious pain, barefooters use padded neoprene wetsuits, which have flotation built in and eliminate the need for bulky PFDs.
The new neoprene seaboot is designed to fit between these two styles.
This neoprene buoyancy vest features eight removable floats.