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a morbid fear of novelty

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Our results showed that dominant male Eurasian siskins may reduce neophobia in social context and increase food intake.
HP with high food neophobia: -Greater vigilance towards unfamiliar fruit and vegetable stimuli than for HP with low food neophobia.
This result might reflect some type of neophobia, an avoidance tendency toward novel test stimuli.
Populations studied include prodromal (early) anorexics, overweight and obese children and adolescents, persons older than 18 transitioning to adult clinical services, families facing food neophobia, and overweight adolescents undergoing weight loss surgery.
But a separate study by Ghent University revealed that food neophobia, a fear of new food, is the major factor stopping people from eating insects.
He is incredibly afraid of anything new, an affliction called neophobia (I just looked it up online.
With a low level of food neophobia, the likelihood that this type of person is willing to eat insects as a meat substitute is estimated at more than 75%, according to a new study published in Food Quality and Preference.
It is a very common tendency among kids 1 to 3 years old to develop neophobia, which makes them cling to the formula food or mother's milk and refuse to try new tastes.
2008) "Construction and validation of a psychometric scale to measure consumers' fears of novel food technologies: The food technology neophobia scale " Food Quality and Preference, 19: 704-710.
This includes changes in raphe and callosal connections, sensory processing, myelin sheath formation, neophobia, and disruptedjuvenile playbehavior.
Food neophobia in humans: Effects of manipulated arousal and individual differences in sensation seeking.