neonatal mortality rate

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the death rate during the first 28 days of life

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The authors describe this finding as discordant and indeed it would appear to be counter-intuitive--how can there be a higher neonatal mortality rate but the same perinatal mortality rate?
The neonatal mortality rate (Table 3) was highest in the arsenic-exposed areas (20.
1, while the neonatal mortality rate (death of babies aged under 28 days) rose from 3.
It also found that, while the neonatal mortality rate fell significantly since 2000, there was no corresponding significant change in the stillbirth rate.
The neonatal mortality rate in 2007 in the Gulf countries, including the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Oman, was between 5 and 6 per cent, while the rate in Bahrain was 11 per cent and in Saudi Arabia 12 per cent, according to Dr Hakam Yaseen, Senior Consultant Neonatologist, and Head of the Paediatric Department at Al Qasimi Hospital.
Although these changes in the weight distributions may appear small, they may have had important consequences for the racial gap in infant mortality because the neonatal mortality rate of low birth weight infants was very high: around 160 per thousand births during the 1950s (for nonwhites) compared to about 10 per thousand for neonates weighing more than 2500 grams (Chase 1972).
One of the disturbing figures released by this report was that the neonatal mortality rate for Aboriginal infants was four times higher than the rest of Canada.
Two commonly accepted and complementary measures are neonatal mortality rate and post-neonatal mortality rate.
The post neonatal mortality rate seems to have changed relatively less but has declined nevertheless to 48 per 1000 in 1988 from 57 per 1000 in 1984.
High Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), investment by Government, participation by social organizations, rising middle class income, growing healthcare awareness, and growth in corporate hospitals (especially in Tier II and Tier III cities) are some of the factors driving this growth.
To address the stagnant neonatal mortality rate, the Government of Ethiopia launched a community based newborn care initiative with implementation rolling out in a phased approach.
4,5] In 2009, SA was one of 8 countries in which the neonatal mortality rate (NMR) was higher than the baseline in 1990.
The study, which is published in the Lancet journal, found the neonatal mortality rate (within the first month of life) falling by 62 percent in China over 12 years till 2008, the BBC reports.
Neonatal mortality rate stands high at 57/1000 live births in the country.
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